Customer Support

We understand that each customer will have different wants and needs. Stratus ip researches the latest telecommunications trends to discover which carrier and plan will work best for your business. We remove the stress our clients might otherwise experience looking for that perfect tech fit. This allows you to focus on your business.

Working with Our Team

There are many factors to consider when selecting a telecom provider. If you aren’t already an expert in telecommunications, evaluating carriers can be a daunting task. Stratus ip has the knowledge and experience to simplify this process. We’ll find you the right solution, at the right price.

Some of the benefits to finding a carrier through Stratus ip include:

  • Access to a selection of the best of breed carriers as opposed to looking through each one individually
  • A solution driven by your requirements as opposed to the telecom carriers’ product set
  • Complete and organized side-by-side comparisons of telecom carriers
  • You get the best deals and promotions, no guesswork
  • Learn about multiple vendors in a single meeting, not over several meetings
  • The timeline is based on your specific needs, not a carrier’s quarterly revenue target
  • Work with the same account manager on a consistent basis; no reassignment
  • Get the best products from several carriers with a single point of contact
  • No need to manage the installation yourself; Stratus ip will support the implementation
Our Implementation Process

After finding the right solution, we aid in implementation, working hand-in-hand with our clients and the selected service provider. After the solution is fully implemented, Stratus ip will assist in managing the services on an ongoing basis based on your company’s requirements. Our measurement of success is our customer’s experience.

Stratus ip will:

  • Build and maintain inventories of telecom carriers and services
  • Thoroughly review billing and perform audits
  • Provide an additional escalation point between our customers and their telecom carriers
  • Perform regular periodic reviews of technology infrastructure and propose strategic telecommunications plans to ensure you are aware of the latest trends and solutions
  • Streamline customer processes for telecom trouble tickets to facilitate quicker fixes and ensure all parties know what to do when a problem occurs

Our services simplify your experience with telecommunications. From finding the most suitable carriers and solutions, to managing the implementation of new services, our goal is your complete satisfaction.