Hosted VoIP

Stratus ip makes sure that each and every customer gets the best Hosted VoIP or Unified Communications services available, and from reliable vendors. Hosted VoIP can be very complex having a multitude of platforms (Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Asterisk, Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, etc.) with various strengths and weaknesses to each. Our job is to listen to the customer and maximize the customer experience by offering a neutral third party perspective on the best match for today with a focus on future requirements.

From unified communications to call recording and reporting, there are a wide variety of services that Stratus ip will be able to match with capable carriers, ensuring your organization mitigates technology obsolescence, enables enhanced business continuity, or maximizes productivity of the Cloud.

Hosted VoIP

Stratus ip can help businesses locate the best carriers for voice over telephony and hosted PBX services. We will then check to see if these services are working for you consistently.


There are benefits to ongoing operational expenses (OPEX) as well as capital expenditure (CAPEX). Stratus ip is able to help determine which carriers will be able to provide the best CAPEX or OPEX benefits based on individual needs and ensure that the customer sees them.

Hosted Call Center

Having an efficient call center that allows for effective customer service communication is an important feature for many businesses. Stratus ip will see to it that your call center functions the way you need it to.

Call Reporting & Recording

Some businesses require secure call reporting or recording services from their carriers. We will help maintain them.

Dashboard with Real-Time Metrics

Organizations want to be able to monitor their success in real-time. The ideal vendor will be able to provide you with the metrics you need, and with no delays in system performance.

Unified Communications

As more businesses look to simplify their telecommunications, unified communications is becoming a more popular technological trend. We will find you a carrier that can deliver effective unified communications system at the right cost.

Even if these services require multiple carriers in order to receive them, Stratus ip will allow you to look over several different carriers in a single meeting as opposed to meeting with them individually. We will also provide a single point of contact to keep communications efficient and organized, without the need to speak with each one through different channels.

Should you experience issues with any of these services, you will receive assistance from us immediately; we proactively monitor support tickets and perform periodic service audits. Stratus ip will never let cost discrepancies go unnoticed and unaddressed.

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