Message from the CEO

To ensure our clients’ success, we take several thorough steps to avoid potential pitfalls. We work to maintain both accountability and stability of your services. And there is never a moment we compromise client satisfaction for the sake of saving money. Our customers’ happiness is our top priority.

We deliver on what we promise, no excuses. If at any point you are not 100% satisfied with Stratus ip please contact me directly, or call 856-261-9231.

Promise #1: Maintain Reliable Services

We only work with vendors who have established themselves as trustworthy and reliable; they must have minimal blemishes, network redundancy, and a proven ability to avoid downtime. Only if they meet our criteria will we trust them to work with you. This allows us to deliver what we promise every time, and removes any stress on your end. Stratus ip changes the view of the telecommunications industry one customer at a time.

Promise #2: Avoid Billing Issues

Stratus ip looks closely at your monthly bills to ensure that you are billed properly. At Stratus ip we review your voice and data bill before it is presented to you, ensuring accuracy every time. We focus on accuracy and when billing errors occur we take responsibility for correcting the errors with the carrier and tracking the issuance of credit.

Promise #3: Communicate Effectively with Clients

Our process promotes transparency between all parties (Customer, Carriers and Stratus ip) and ensures your problems are resolved quickly without consuming extensive customer resources.

If we do not have the full picture of your interactions with carriers, how can we know there is an issue? This is why we will only work with carriers who follow a policy of transparency allowing us to see all aspects of your service—and, when necessary, help accelerate the fix.

Stratus ip Relies on Customer Happiness

At Stratus ip, our goal is to restore your faith in the telecommunications industry by simplifying the buying experience and using our customer experience as the only indicator of our success.

Stratus ip is result-driven. We take the pain out of searching for the right vendors and only work with those who believe in a similar results-driven business philosophy. Stratus ip will work with your organization to find the right solution that will deliver the results you need to run your business effectively. Rather than simply serving as your advisors, Stratus ip is an extension of your team, adding clarity and reliability to your technology services.

Michael Dlug, President of Stratus ip
Michael Dlug Signature