Focus On Your Business

Productivity Booster

Our services allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from increasing productivity while reducing overall technology spend. We do this by leveraging our relationships with top voice and data services providers to provide comprehensive telecommunications cost analysis, evaluations, and recommendations on complex Hosted VoIP, Unified Communications, and Cloud Services deployments.


Reduced Headaches

Our customers benefit from the competitive edge our technology solutions provide. Stratus ip frees you from time-consuming research and connects you with the right technology to drive your business to the next level. Our clients receive the highest level of service, at the lowest price, simplifying the buying experience by leveraging our combined 100+ years of experience.


​​​​Simplified Service

At Stratus ip we take a holistic and hands-on approach to technology deployments from vendor selection to provisioning through service, support, and post turn-up. Stratus ip is committed to helping our customers every step of the way, from the beginning conversations throughout the life of our partnership with our clientele. We strive constantly to provide a superior customer experience.


You First

At Stratus ip, we're passionate about client service. It's the reason we've created our unique, simple, and streamlined process—to guide clients painlessly and swiftly through technology purchasing. Our clients are our partners.

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Simplified Tech

Communicate Globally

From complete voice and data transformation, to expansion and carrier migration, Stratus ip helps businesses increase communications efficiency and enhance business continuity while simplifying the technology experience.


Speed Business

For today’s growing business, bandwidth is the new oil; without it, business cannot grow and will stagnate. Stratus ip guides businesses through the evaluation, purchase, and provisioning of network bandwidth.


​​​​Impress Customers

Build a comprehensive call center with flexible features that enable customer-centric quality service. Let us guide your business through available cloud-based features, network provisioning, and deployment—all with no hardware, software, or expensive up-front capital costs.