IP Transport

Stratus ip’s Bandwidth solutions give clients access to the best vendors for broadband, dedicated Internet services, MPLS, Private IP, and IP Transport Services.

Bandwidth is considered to be the new oil, effectively lubricating and providing the fuel for growth in the Information or Cloud Age. Our goal is to find a carrier who will supply you with fast, high-quality Internet services that won’t put your business at risk of downtime, comply with your packet delivery SLAs, and ensure your solutions have the capacity to deliver the excellent customer experience your organization deserves.

Depending on the amount of bandwidth, packet delivery sensitivity, security and uptime required to perform business operations, Stratus ip matches the customer requirements with the proper solution. There are several types of Internet connections that we can manage through reputable service providers:

Broadband Internet

Stratus ip begins its review of your needs through our extensive discovery process. As nearly all businesses rely on high-speed broadband Internet connections, Stratus ip will work to keep you connected. We will consider the number of locations, employee density of locations, geographic composite of the locations, security and compliance concerns, and overall project cost. From this analysis we will recommend a carrier selected from our diverse and vetted-out broadband providers.

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet can be delivered in a variety of different ways at a variety of different costs. Whether it’s for voice, internet browsing, connectivity to your business applications in the cloud, or disaster recovery, it doesn’t matter, Stratus ip can help. We will find you a vendor based on those needs, delivery and price points.


Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) is in great demand. EoF’s growth is being driven by its high speed offering at a lower cost, plus on-demand scalability and ease of delivery. This service allows us to put the foundation in place for your organization to scale bandwidth as needed and without the costly and time intensive traditional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) normally associated with voice and data circuit replacements.


Stratus ip has the ability to quote out NON-CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) last mile, privately built-out fiber, directly to the customer’s facility. Just ask us!


The “old reliable”, when it comes to bandwidth for businesses, Stratus ip has you covered to support QOS/Packet Priority Routing for (VoIP/Video/Cloud Applications), or just reliable bandwidth to allow your business to run efficiently.


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Technology is changing the way organizations architect their technology infrastructure. At the highest level MPLS allows organization to do more with less, not just deliver the application to the data packet type by prioritizing the traffic down to applications. It allows the network infrastructure to adapt real time to ensure the maximum employee use experience. It is your data packet “traffic cop”. For MPLS, Stratus ip will help figure out your requirements and match them to the proper solution and vendor.

Whether your business is in need of broadband, dedicated, or private Internet/data connections, our IP solutions will match you with the best fit from our selected group of providers. With Stratus ip, you’ll receive the exact IP transport your business requires, without the concern of whether it’s the right solution or partner delivering the voice and data service.

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