Our Solution

Stratus ip works with you and your telecom carriers to make sure you can focus on running your business. We carefully look at various aspects of your telecommunication services to ensure customer satisfaction. Our overall solution is designed to simplify telecommunications management and maintain a beneficial relationship between our customers and their carriers.

Audits and Cost Analysis

Stratus ip’s main priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we perform regular service audits to ensure billing is accurate and the rate is consistent with the customer’s contract. Our job is to ensure your voice and data bill is accurate from the first invoice throughout the life of your partnership with Stratus ip.

Recommendation, Rollout, and Total Project Support

After helping you pick the right solution, Stratus ip doesn’t simply leave the service to the carrier. Instead, we act as an extension of your team. We stick with you to ensure successful implementation. Once services are implemented, we keep watch over the client-carrier relationship to make sure you are thrilled with your services. We will also recommend different service options based on changes that occur within your business.

Proactive Support Ticket Monitoring

Whenever you require support from a telecom carrier, Stratus ip is there to help. Stratus ip has access to all support tickets so we can help facilitate a quicker resolution. Our model ensures all of the carriers we recommend support this model.

Monthly Billing Inventory

On a monthly basis, before an invoice is sent, Stratus ip looks at customer bills to make sure billing is correct. Our clients will never pay for anything they didn’t knowingly agree to beforehand.

The Right Fit Every Time

One of the main goals of Stratus ip is making sure the best carriers are working with the right customers. We practice right fit and, in order to make that possible, we thoroughly vet all of our voice and data carriers, giving both the customer and carrier the best experience. We are tightly aligned with our customers and carriers, and act as true partners to both.

This complete solution is intended to cover every aspect of our clients’ services. Stratus ip takes the anxiety and frustration away from searching for telecom carriers and the implementation of services. We guide our clients through to a successful customer-carrier connection that brings peace of mind. Stratus ip doesn’t see any benefits if the customer doesn’t benefit, which means we will do everything we can to match you up with the right carrier and ensure your needs are met every time.

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